The internet is a weird place. Sometimes it’s fascinating/troubling weird (hi, WTF Evolution). Sometimes it’s magical weird, like when Twitter connects you to a like-minded, MS-having Brit who says you have a good sense of humor (for an American, at least) and then you get to appear on his YouTube series. Thank you, Dom, for taking a chance on this Yank. It was tremendous fun.

MS-havers, make sure to follow @themsguide on Twitter for the latest news on MS.

4 thoughts on “My YouTube Debut: In Which Share My Feelings in a Different Medium

  1. Good’s good to know how coping can be done in even situations that seem horrible and debilitating..I think that this program and interview will help not only newly diagnosed people with MS ,but everyone who watches it. Love from Roma. Aunt M


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, Rebecca—awesome interview. And it’s so nice to see your gorgeous face!


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