Medicating myself with good choices: In which I muse on energy

My word for the year is energy.

I think about energy a lot. Fatigue is perhaps the most common and disruptive symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, and, after 18 years of stumbling through life with MS, I’ve realized I can influence my energy levels through purposeful actions. 

Some of these don’t come easily for me, like swapping overnight oats for delicious, sugary muffins. And exercising. Regularly. (Ugh.)

Some are lovely, like getting lots of sleep and reenergizing with afternoon Yoga Nidra. 

And some are unexpected but super effective, like getting out of the damn house and spending time with people I love.

Over the past month I’ve realized nearly every choice I make from the clients I serve to the shade of lipstick I wear can be viewed through the lens of energy. So here’s how I intend to stay energized in 2023:

More vegetables
More writing
More coaching*
More coffees, dinner parties, and unplanned calls**
More engagement with the MS community
And, yes, more exercise

What keeps your fire burning?

*If you’d like to help with this item, I am accepting clients.
**If you’d like to help with this item, I am accepting invitations!