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Recently I was talking to a client about her interest in learning design software, as well as her feeling that she isn’t doing enough to accomplish everything she wants in life. So I suggested perhaps her first design task should be creating a little 2-D trophy for herself that says “You did it!“ I don’t know whether she’ll follow up on the idea, but it got me thinking about how all of us could better recognize little things we do each day to improve our situation, to get a little healthier, or to make someone else’s life a little better.

Remember when you were a kid, and teachers would put stickers on your work? Even the clumsiest scrawl or the most awkward sentence could warrant a “Good job!“ at the top of the page. And we never questioned it! We were secure in the knowledge that this honor was earned. As adults, it seems we lose this ability to appreciate even the smallest achievements, and I think that’s a pity. We receieve compliments from others with a “Thanks but… “ and recognizing ourselves often doesn’t even occur to us. 

I’ve written before about celebrating all of the victories I have, especially the small ones. Life with MS means lots of frustrations, so each time I complete a meal without sullying my placemat or manage ten minutes of exercise, it is cause for celebration. I know this, yet I still get caught in a should spiral. I should be exercising more. I should have started exercising a decade ago. I should be able to motivate myself without a trainer. All of these shoulds can drown out the dids so easily, making me lose sight of all that I’ve accomplished.

Today I celebrate writing this after a long period of not writing. My successful mascara application. Tackling some to-dos before my morning workshop. Three whole things! Before 10am. What do you celebrate?

P.S. I’m currently the top fundraiser for DC’s Walk MS! (Good job, me!)) If you’re reading this you are already doing plenty to support me, and, if able to donate on top of that, please do.

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